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Setgraph is the app athletes and everyday gym goers alike use to stay organized, optimize progress and train smarter.

Our Features

How Setgraph keeps you on track

We believe that by training smarter you can have consistent and productive workouts. This is why we created powerful features to keep you on track:

Record your sets

You can quickly log your sets during your workout and focus on your training. Enjoy a complete view of your training at all times. See your last few sets instant-ly and add useful notes to enhance your workouts!

Smart Plates

We help you focus on what matters. For any weight, Setgraph shows you what plates to use, so you spend less time adding up the weight and more time achieving your goals.

Detailed tracking

Setgraph puts you in charge. You decide what you want to track. You can record every set, your personal records (PR), your 1 Rep Max, and benchmark your per-formance periodically.

Powerful graphs

Now you can use historical data to track your gains over time and set achievable goals. If you want to zoom in even more, you can filter to see your performance at particular rep/weight levels.

Live Leaderboards

Give your workouts a competitive edge with the live leaderboards feature. You can compete with your friends in real time and see how you rank up from workout to workout.

Rest Timer

Get notified whenever you have to start your next set. The timer automatically starts after completing each set.

About Us

What you need to
know about Setgraph

Why Setgraph?

You can ditch your notebook. With an easy to use interface, detailed tracking for multi-ple exercises and historical data to reference progress, reaching your fitness goals is easier than ever.

Our Mission

We want to help athletes, trainers, influencers, and everyday day gym goers take their fitness to the next level.

You can focus on your workout and let Setgraph do the mental math.

Visualize your progress and take control of your training with data driven analytics and daily summaries.

We help you push your limits, break personal records and stay organized to achieve your fitness goals

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Setgraph provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, for a focused workout tracking experience. Start tracking today!

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